Music in lockdown – Clifton Blues

Around the world, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, musicians are finding new ways of making music together!

Here in the UK, young musicians from the Junior Trinity Big Band and the Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra are already playing Ed Puddick compositions at home and learning how to play music with their friends via platforms like Zoom! And now Ed has also made materials generally available for any big band who would like to have a go at performing a new piece in this way.

“Clifton Blues” is a quirky swing chart that would be great fun for any band to get together, with improvised solos for Tenor Sax, Trombone and Trumpet. To create a full ‘remote’ performance of this chart, the score and separate PDFs of all the parts are available via Dropbox, along with two click tracks; one for the rhythm section when they lay down their tracks, and one with which the saxophones and brass players can practice their parts.

All these materials are available for free! Simply click on the link below:

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