From the online shop here at you can purchase big band charts composed and arranged by Ed Puddick. Secure payment is made via PayPal and files will be available to download. Each big band chart includes a full score and individual parts for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, guitar, bass and drums. Other instrumentation may be available on request. If you’ve any questions or special requests please contact Ed through the contact page.
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When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New – big band chart

Composed by Bert Douglas. Arranged by Ed Puddick.

An old-fashioned arrangement of this gentle swing ballad.

Duration: 4 mins 30 mins
Woodwind doubles: n/a
Solos: Trumpet and Tenor sax.
Lead trumpet limit: D#

Price: £34.99

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Withdrawal Agreement – big band chart

Composed and arranged by Ed Puddick.

As recorded by the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra in January 2021, this chart includes improvised solos for Trumpet and Alto Sax. Flutes and clarinets in the woodwind section offer saxophone players a great opportunity to demonstrate their doubling skills!, while muted brass compliment the woodwind! Trumpet 2 is featured heavily with the written melody and improvised solo.

Duration: 6m 30s
Woodwind doubles: 2 flutes, 2 clarinets and bass-clarinet
Solos: Trumpet 2 and Alto Sax
Lead trumpet limit: F

Price: £49.99

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Write Off – big band chart

Composed and arranged by Ed Puddick

An eerie straight 8s groove that lays the foundation for a mysterious floating melody. Solo opportunities for Alto, Guitar, Trombone and Flugelhorn. A video of the Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Orchestra performing this chart is available on YouTube.

Duration: 6 mins 30 secs
Woodwind doubles: none
Solos: Alto Sax, Guitar, Trombone and Flugelhorn
Lead trumpet limit: G

Price: £49.99

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